Wedding Cinematography



The Full Magic Wedding Coverage is available worldwide.

Full High Definition 1080 cinema.

Unobtrusive style.

All day coverage (between 8 to 10 hours average) includes:

– multiple cameras;

Bride’s preps;

-Groom’s preps;

-Ceremony ;

-Creative film session with newlyweds;


Wedding  films  are edited into a cinematic experience and are offered according to the choices below.

Final delivery on Blue Ray, Flash Drives and/or DVDs, custom design menus and boutique cases. Also online on-demand film available for 1 year.

Please schedule a free consultation to experience the full magic and begin manufacturing your wedding film.


– Full Day Highlight ( 5-7 min film)

– Feature Film (20-25 min film)

– SDE (Same Day Edit Highlights displayed at reception)

– Life Story Film featuring the couple in the leading roles. Shot on locations determined by each story.

– Cartoon Life Story is a cartoon animated version of the couple throughout their life experience.

– Trash the Dress Cinematography Clip

    . Wedding day options include full ceremony and speeches. 

   .  Options can be combined and priced as a savings package. 

OPTIONS OFFERED AS ADD-ONS TO ABOVE OPTIONS (not available as stand alone options):

– Full length documentary edit (long form about 1 hour film)

– Raw Footage on external hard drive

  Each Wedding is unique and we create a perfect fit for you.  Packages above illustrate some possible items combinations.

 Please email or call  for rates.  Please inquire about any additional items that we may be able to accommodate.

We accept all major credit cards.  All prices include sales tax.


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